Happy Valentine’s (Part II)

In her own blog earlier today, Jenny Fur spoke of the commercialism of Valentine’s Day. She wasn’t alone either. But what is it to you, to me? Is it a romantic interlude, time to reflect on the happy times with a loved one, or as suggested, is it just another Hallmark Holiday?

I prefer to think of it as romantic. I didn’t get any cards nor flowers, nor chocolate, nor anything, except phone bills. I didn’t send any either. I did make time to think about those people I love, and have loved, both in SL and in RL, as well as other online worlds. Friends, family, lovers… why exclude anyone?

So this one is for all of you out there who, for one reason or another, have earned my love this year. I won’t bore you with lists of people who you’ve never heard of, but I’ll try to list a few here whom you may have met in world. If I miss you out, it’s not a sleight; I can only spare space for a few, and many, many more deserve to be on it.

I’ll start with some newer friends, Damian and Jadzia, who came from Sociolotron and have been the best friends a girl could want.

All the Mentors and helpers of Second Life, who take the time to make life easier for newbies. I’d list your names, but there are so many of you who are my friends, that I’d take all day. You know who you are.

Willow Zander, who, for the last six months or so, has provided me with a shoulder to cry on, and an ear when I’ve been as low as I could be, even though she’s had major problems of her own. Thank you, Willow, you’re the best!

Kris Ritter, my semi-adopted sister, who I spend all day flirting with on Yahoo. You put up with a lot hun. Thank you.

Nephilaine Protagonist, who puts up with my nagging on ICQ, and who’s always got time for her friends – I think Nephi has a clock with 36 hours per day.

To my wonderful girls, Nenya Nephilim and Kaili Kiesler. Recently mine, but as devoted as I could ever dream, and with me here and in Eve. I love you both, and I wish I could show it more.

And lastly, though by no means least, Freya Becquerel, my friend, partner and Mistress since late in 2004. Freya, you stood by me when the mess between Julia and I blew up. You put up with my depression, my fits of anger and basically, my just being me. If that was all, it would be enough and more. It’s not all though. You gave me a home, you indulge my every wish. What more can I say, I am happy, I am proud to be yours.

Happy Valentine’s. My dearest wish is to be worthy of you all.


Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time. For the last couple of weeks, everyone around me in RL, and many in SL have had some form of cold or flu, (My little Nenya had Laryngitis even) so it stands to reason that I’d wake up this morning with a bunged up throat.

Still, no puny little bug is going to keep me down for long! I’m off to get a hot drink.

Time passes…

And pass it does. It seems like only yesterday that I posted about it being a new year, and already we’re into February!

My house move has still not happened, which rather annoys me, but "C’est la vie". My job is still ongoing (which is good), but is still a temporary contract (which isn’t).

As to Second LifeTM… Well, I became a Forum ResMod, and quit after about 3 days. No real reason, except lack of time, to be honest. And no drama. Just so busy these days, in all my lives – I have a Mistress and two pets to look after, and they keep me occupied *wink*.

There is hope for the future, and that’s important!