I think the title says it all really. It’s a Monday, and the bad news keeps on coming. Let’s see, I finish work this week, so I’ll be unemployed, which gives me loads of free time for the important things, like Second Life, but no money. The no money bit’s going to be a downer since the bank’s already on my back about mortgage payments. And then, the people I was supposed to be buying a house from pulled out last minute so now that’s down the pan too.

It’s Monday!

Still, Mondays follow Sundays, and yesterday was a lot of fun. Got my whole family together in SL – with the exception of my evil twin, of course – and had a really fun day. There’ll be more of that later when I’ve sorted through the photos and decided which ones can be shown here and which need to be censored. I will say this though… I think Kaili’s got rockets in her feet!