Adventures in Outer Space

Since I’m in a picture mood, I thought I’d post some pics of my progress in the MMO Eve Online. Not all my ships are present – maybe I’ll post more ships later.


This one’s an Imicus. It was my first ship, other than the freebie that all newbies get.

The next two pics are of a Tristan. It’s shown unequipped. I was using it as a shuttle earlier today since I needed to store it, and fetch another ship from my hanger.

Although it’s based on a frigate, the Enyo assault ship is a whole new category, closer to cruisers in capability.

Industrial Ships

The Iteron Mk IV is an all purpose hauler, and this one’s capable of carrying over 13000m3 of cargo.


This Catalyst has served me well since before I sold the Imicus. Small, fast and deadly. Only now being superceded by the Enyo.


"Those about to die, we salute you!" This Brutix class battle cruiser is one mean ship. This broadside is deceiving though, since those are mining lasers. Usually, they’d be replaced with batteries of railguns.

I should take some more pics. I have a gorgeous shuttle, and the Thorax class heavy cruiser makes a good snapshot too. I’m told the Dominix looks like a giant slug, but soon, I’ll put them up and let you decide.