I think the title says it all really. It’s a Monday, and the bad news keeps on coming. Let’s see, I finish work this week, so I’ll be unemployed, which gives me loads of free time for the important things, like Second Life, but no money. The no money bit’s going to be a downer since the bank’s already on my back about mortgage payments. And then, the people I was supposed to be buying a house from pulled out last minute so now that’s down the pan too.

It’s Monday!

Still, Mondays follow Sundays, and yesterday was a lot of fun. Got my whole family together in SL – with the exception of my evil twin, of course – and had a really fun day. There’ll be more of that later when I’ve sorted through the photos and decided which ones can be shown here and which need to be censored. I will say this though… I think Kaili’s got rockets in her feet!

The Wedding!

Congratulations Willow and Giddeon!

I made it to the wedding, all be it alone. I didn’t stay long because, lovely as it was, being a single in a roomful of couples can be a little awkward. I can’t blame anyone for that, so… anyway, while I was there, I took a few pictures. Willow was stunning, of course, and Gidd was pretty tasty too, if you know what I mean *wink*.

Hope you like them

Yay, it’s the weekend!

So, how do I start? Well, it’s been a good day so far, which makes it a big improvement over the rest of the week at least. Let’s see… this week has been cold, dark, wet, windy and basically pretty nasty. I had to get a new tyre for my bike Thursday on the way to work, which was less fun that I was really hoping for. I mean, I’m there, happily riding along at 50mph in the snow, when the bike starts behaving like it’s on sheet ice. Meh! Anyway, roads and weather aside, well, it’s not been great, but I’ve had worse.

So, today. For the first time in a week, Kaili () was on line. Well, not here in LJ, and not in Second Life, but she was in Eve and that’s something. Nenya was around too, and so was Freya. So I had the whole family (excepting my evil twin sister that is). Unfortunately, they’re all out tonight, which means I don’t have a date for ‘s wedding do. Pity, but who knows, maybe I’ll find someone cute. On which topic, I’d like to offer the lovely Miss Zander and her groom Giddeon Charming my fondest congratulations and best wishes. Oh, and “Yay!!!”

So in Eve, I managed to get some new skills, and can fly new ships, some big and some small. The only thing missing is the cash to buy the ones I want, so if anyone has a few hundred million ISK going spare, think of me before you throw it away on something dumb like upgrades or new gear.

I’d write more, but I’m going to get ready for the wedding party. I need to find something to wear, and my drive-in inventory (walking is too slow, I’d be weeks) can be dangerous after dark. You never know what might be lurking in the Forest of Skirts at the foot of Shoe Mountain, waiting to jump out in unfashionable ambush like something bought over two years ago and still failing to disappear. I dunno, I think I saw some pretty dresses in Jonqille’s store (hrm, I’m sure I used to have a LJ link for Jonquille).

More later when I’m done.

Adventures in Outer Space

Since I’m in a picture mood, I thought I’d post some pics of my progress in the MMO Eve Online. Not all my ships are present – maybe I’ll post more ships later.


This one’s an Imicus. It was my first ship, other than the freebie that all newbies get.

The next two pics are of a Tristan. It’s shown unequipped. I was using it as a shuttle earlier today since I needed to store it, and fetch another ship from my hanger.

Although it’s based on a frigate, the Enyo assault ship is a whole new category, closer to cruisers in capability.

Industrial Ships

The Iteron Mk IV is an all purpose hauler, and this one’s capable of carrying over 13000m3 of cargo.


This Catalyst has served me well since before I sold the Imicus. Small, fast and deadly. Only now being superceded by the Enyo.


"Those about to die, we salute you!" This Brutix class battle cruiser is one mean ship. This broadside is deceiving though, since those are mining lasers. Usually, they’d be replaced with batteries of railguns.

I should take some more pics. I have a gorgeous shuttle, and the Thorax class heavy cruiser makes a good snapshot too. I’m told the Dominix looks like a giant slug, but soon, I’ll put them up and let you decide.

Just because …

.. .— ..- … – – …. — ..- –. …. – .. ‘ -.. .– .-. .. – . – …. .. … . -. – .-. -.– .. -. — — .-. … . -.-. — -.. . –..– .— ..- … – -… . -.-. .- ..- … . .. ‘ — -… — .-. . -.. .- -. -.. .. -.-. .- -. .-.-.- .. – ‘ … -. — – .- … .. ..-. .- -. -.– — -. . -.- -. — .– … .– …. .- – .. ‘ — — -. .- -… — ..- – — — … – — ..-. – …. . – .. — . .- -. -.– .– .- -.– .-.-.-

Freya is 2!

So this week, Freya will be two years in Second Life. I’m looking forward to celebrating her rezday with her tomorrow. My only regret being that it’s so hard to pin her down that I wasn’t able to arrange a party. Still, it’ll be Saturday, and there’ll be no shortage of events. I’m sure we can find one that we can have fun at without too much trouble.

And it’s Friday, which is good. It’s not been the best week for me. Been unwell, the sale of my house isn’t going well, which could lead to difficulties on the purchase side. To top it off, I’m worried that my job will be gone at the end of the month. Blah! I’m glad the week’s nearly over!


Well, for what it’s worth, I made it into work… Though I have no idea how long I’ll stay. I still feel like crap, so I guess I could just disappear any time. I just can’t afford to take the whole day off.

Those of you who know me will know that I’ve been toying (again) with the idea of applying to be a liaison. Well, again I decided after due consideration, not to. I know more about it though, so I’m not ruling it out for the future. The main problem of course is time. It’s a part time job (15-25 hours a week), which means it’s not enough to be one’s only job (well, not if like me, you live alone), though it’s two many hours to be a second job. My RL job takes up about 55 hours a week already once I include transport. I don’t even know if I’ll have a job in a month’s time, the curse of being a temp.

Anyway, I’m around and awake. I hate feeling sick!


I’m not feeling well this morning. Sick when I woke up and distinctly not happy about it! So, I’ll be late going to work, tho hopefully not too late – I get paid by the hour and can’t afford to miss many.

Anyway, bleh!