Freedom of speech or Freedom to leave?

Someone tell me why?

Why is it that while some people get banned or suspended for innocuous quips (and indeed threads locked wholesale for less), some people, usually some of the most hate filled, grief spewing bigots are allowed to get away with anything they like?

Now I might be wrong – correct me if I am – but when one person can post that another has written nothing of interest whatever in almost 10,000 posts, and then follow up causing the victim to want to leave the forums altogether, then something is most certainly wrong.

Now don’t take my word for it. On the one hand, we have Willow Zander, a girl who (apart from quarrels with ex-lovers) has never said a bad word against anyone. On the other, we have Ulrika Zugzwang, a vicious self centred pseudo intellectual who’ll pull out all the stops to insult and degrade anyone who holds an opinion different to hers. If one of these could be described as never having written anything worth reading, it wouldn’t be Willow.

The very fact that Ulrika is still allowed to post to the SL Forums is little short of a travesty. She even seems to believe the nonsensical waffle she spews forth. She’s worse than Prokofy ever was!