Work, rain, work…

So, here I am, sat in a small room looking out over the muddy waters of the docks. It’s miserable weather too & there aren’t any tourists out there to watch. Still, it’s work, and this time last year, I didn’t even have that. I should be grateful. I am, but I’m still bored.

I think I know why & it’s partly my own fault. For a long time in SL I was in constant demand. A mentor, instructor & live helper. Now, there are no more classes, no-one wants mentors, I’ve not been in Live Help for about 2 or 3 teams… and there’s not so much to do in SL any more… only clubs or the latest [B|SL|TR]ingo variant.

I need something worthwhile to do or see!

On a lighter note, I see Torley’s blog is active again… Will SL once more resound to a Watermelon Frenzy that is Torley? We live in hope.