Oh what delicious irony. (Warning: May contain sarcasm)

News at Ten: Witch Hunter General Exposed As a Witch!

In latest news, Prokofy Neva, fearless leader of the crusade against the Fêted Inner Core was found to be less than perfect. Over the weekend, this famous fighter for the rights of the less fortunate was seen here to be setting himself up as the most élite of the élite, by qualifying for Linden Lab’s new Concierge service. Prokofy can now look forward to privileges which most of us will never get a chance to see.

I hereby call on all members of the Fêted Inner Core to welcome Prokofy to our ranks as one of the most Fêted of us all, a sim owner. Congratulations, Prokofy on breaking the chains of poverty we thrust upon you, and overcoming our superior creativity and Linden Contacts, and rising above us all using only his RL money. Well done, Prokofy, we salute you.