What is is about some people …

What is it about some people that makes them such ungrateful, wining morons?

Only yesterday I wrote about how good it feels when people are grateful for any help you give them, and how some aren’t. Now today I wake up and see this thread staring me in the face in the forums. I mean, does this guy actually think before he lets his mouth run off like that? OK, maybe the helper in question was a little impolitic, but to accuse an entire group, nay an imagined class of people for his injury is going too far.

Of course, this is the person who first imagined the Feded Inner Core of élite players who somehow manage to control the Lindens and take their precious stipend away for personal gain. Yay for the oldbies who want to keep the newbies down. Like that’s ever going to happen.

Anyway, I’m a Mentor and an Instructor. I know that some people look up to us (or used to) as if we were some kind of super humans. We aren’t, we just try to do our best for people with a little less experience of Second Life™ than ourselves, and when someone says “thanks” we love it. I was also a Live Helper for 4 months or so. For the beginning, we couldn’t turn off the group at all, later we could. Queries could be anything from simple “How do I do this?” or “Does anyone know how to find that?” to actual help requests where we’d need to be there, all the way to “I’ve lost money! Give it back to me now!!!” accompanied by language I’d rather not use here. And this was constant. We’d regularly have 5 or 6 IMs open, and sometimes 10 or 12. Indeed it could get rather stressful. And we’re only players, we had no special access to the system, no powers to fix bugs, no way to look into the database… All we could do was draw on our own experience to help where we could.

So when twerps like this one dare to pop their head out from the swamp and criticise, it makes me sick. Ashamed to be the same species indeed (yes, I’ve been told my RL avatar is human) as this heap of … well, you know where that’s leading. Sometimes I really hate people! Cats and dogs are much nicer.