An Interesting Weekend

I’m not sure how to start, it’s been a very emotional few days for me, as forum regulars will know.

I suppose it all started on Friday evening really, when Freya and I were planting trees in Mocha… A very enjoyable pastime too that, I’d recommend it to anyone with a few prims to spare – and remember, Linden trees are only one prim each. It can make a bare plot look so much nicer. Anyway, that’s what we were doing. Freya was building a walled garden, and I was playing with different tree types. Now, one of the quirks of Second Life™ is that in order for someone to plant a tree on land they don’t own, Land Edit needs to be enabled. Unfortunately, there’s no ACL (Access Control List) for this, it’s an all or nothing toggle, and it includes terraforming. Anyway, it was getting late, and first Freya, then I logged out. I must have forgotten to lock it down.

Imagine my surprise when I logged in next morning. Where there was once a garden, green fields, a beach and a lake there was now a mountain range! The gardens were returned to inventory as off world, amongst other things. My home in Stonehenge was surrounded by 40 metre high walls of rock. My floating mall was now sitting on a mountain peak. A year of terraforming and landscaping by several people, not only myself, ruined overnight. I was devastated.

Charlotte's Party Flyer

Well, I did several things. I posted on the forum. Probably not the most sensible start, but there you are. I gathered some friends around me, as they logged in or found out, and I asked the Lindens to help. Well, the first to show up was , who brought Serena, Sharn and Torley (who has already written this up – [removed non-working link]) in. Freya showed up, and Charlotte (who volunteered to host a mountain-top party for me to show that this couldn’t stop us) too, and two whole Lindens; Jack and Nigel. I had a lot of help to make temporary repairs, and even Philip Linden posted to my thread. And later in the day, Andrew Linden restored from a backup for me.

And so, after all is said and done, there was a happy ending. Maybe we’ll never know who did it. Maybe he or she will jump on the forums tomorrow to complain about being banned and not knowing why, it certainly seems the standard response. Whatever, there are logs and this person will be caught, and hopefully not permitted to do this to anyone else.

Of course, now I fully expect the cries of “Lindens help another Oldbie” to start now, accusing this fictional Inner Core of having undue influence on the gods of our little world. Well, maybe we do and maybe we don’t, but in my experience, asking nicely for help and being respectful really does get you a quicker and more favourable response than does jumping up and down, demanding instant action and respect without having earned it.

Today I logged in to find three negative ratings, from one Angelina Zapata, someone I’ve never met before, and probably never will. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s her right to use her ratings as she sees fit, and maybe she didn’t like my builds (not that I can know since she didn’t actually tell me why she was rating me), but my appearance and behaviour? Like I said, we’ve never met. It’s odd to me, this is someone with very few ratings, who seems to have given out numerous negs, presumably to hurt people more well off than herself. Well, that’s people for you. I think I’ll have to start listing who’s neg-rated me. I have quite a lot now, though most of them came as triple-negs from people who took a dislike to me. I think there’s only one I can’t account for.