The Oldbie Conspiracies

So the cat’s out of the bag, again!

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Newbies found out about us, and the secret control we exert over Second Life™. It couldn’t last forever, I know that, but well, it’s only natural isn’t it.

Anyway, they know about it. They know about the orbital network, the secret space station and the teleporter in Mocha. Fortunately, they don’t know about the minefield yet, or we might have another Echo Omega on our hands, and I’m not sure we could take that after the chaos caused last year.

And all caused by an argument in the forums. Linden help us if they find out about the beta-powers that some of us still have for spontaneous money creation, or even worse, the ability to rez prims into things that aren’t clubs or malls. Next thing we know, they’ll be holding Show and Tell events, or Trivia Quizzes, instead of all those Best Naked Avatar contests we keep forcing them to run.