New Year Thoughts

So we’re into 2005 and now that I’m over the excesses of the weekend, I suppose it’s not been bad really. Let’s see…

A Look Back on 2004

Last year was a good one for me in many respects. It was my first complete year in SL and I’ve seen some changes. I got married, set up a store, then a mall. I made a lot of friends, and lost a few. And I lost a lover then gained another.

January saw the biggest changes in my second life. At the beginning of the month, I got to play with my shiny new lifetime account which I’d bought myself for Christmas. Julia had done the same, it was our sign of commitment to one another, and on the 29th we were married in a gazebo floating over Lake Mocha. Even Mocha was different then though. Aurican’s pyramid had not yet come to be, instead there was a city there, owned (I think) by Ryen Jade in his first vision of an SL combat RPG. Even Anne’s rocket ship was but a dream, as indeed was Mochastyle. We had build a pretty big house though, with Moogle-Music at the back.

Mochastyle first appeared as a new floor above the house, and was a showcase for Julia’s and my creations. It opened in style of course with a huge fashion show involving about 15 or so models and over 50 outfits. And the after-party was good too. It wasn’t long before a few more people came in and a store became a mall.

Also, we had SL 1.2 and the new billing structure, which drove a lot of people out of SL, and attracted more in. It certainly allowed Julia and I to buy more of Mocha.

Ryen and co left Mocha, and there was a castle on the lake, I think also in January but I’m not sure. Then that was gone too. Huge changes.

The house was gone, and Mochastyle rebuilt as the blue-glass building most of you remember. We had a castle of our own at the back, eventually, then a floating villa and the store grew again. I built Stonehenge across the lake.

SL 1.4 then 1.5 came and went. We had audio streaming now, and XML-RPC for outside comms. But we still had those awful bugs. Ghosting was as bad as it was in 2003, permissions, though vastly improved, were still buggy, international keyboard support had still not arrived, but it was fun.

And then, in October, Julia and I came to an end. It was a bad time, and I think both of us will regret it for a long time. And I don’t even have the ability to point the finger of blame, because in the end, if anyone was to blame at all, it was me. I had a chance to put things right, or at least, to try to, and I didn’t take it. Maybe I was angry, or fed up, but even so…

Freya has been my support since then. I’ve relied on her completely. I’ve lost my creativity, my will to build. It’s slowly returning, but it will take time. So, there’s a new Mochastyle now, we have a new resident in Mocha, a newbie interested in learning to build. I look forward to seeing what progress she makes.

… and so to 2005

They still promise Havok II, but I’m not holding my breath – not that it will bring all the changes people think it will anyway, it’s only a physics engine after all. The Christmas Crash is still hanging over us like a virtual Sword of Damocles, and the fighting in the forums seems like it will never end.

But there is good too. It’s an ever changing and ever expanding world. And I for one look forward to seeing what is achieved in the next year of SL.