What the hell do they think they’re doing?

I love my sim, I really do. I’ve been living in Mocha since Julia and I bought a plot together in November last year. We, now I, have been buying up more and more as it became available to support the Mall. It’s a great place to live. Good neighbours, nice land, and no huge, laggy clubs.

So now, LL decide that they’re going to put the old sims onto old hardware. So, Mocha’s a pretty old sim. It’s not going to be getting the latest and greatest hardware. And I’m not happy! The mall, by necessity, generates some lag. We cut down on lights, timers, listens etc. as much as we can, but you never eliminate them entirely. So even on a 400 series server it’s not the fastest in the world. So, just like Lusk has been, and will be again… we’re consigned to the slowest servers. Do LL care what this does to the value of land? I mean, if it’s down to below 100fps when empty, how am I meant to run a mall, or any events?

I mean, OK, someone has to have them until they’re retired, but until now, they’ve been randomly distributed, so just cos it’s slow one week, it could be super fast the next. But no more. No more will I be able to host a party, or successfully run a mall. No longer will I even get a chance to compete for the popular places list, since I’ll never be able to have more than one or two people in the sim at a time, let alone on my land. So much for running a successful mall.

Thank you Lindens.