I noticed yesterday that Mochastyle made the popular places list.  Not if you count places in the so called "Mature" sims, of course, but we were there.  It’s been months since that has happened.  That makes me feel so proud!  In the old days we were there almost all the time, and pretty high up the list too, quite often, but since the rebuild we’ve been kind of dead in the water.

Maybe an official "Grand Opening" is needed these days?  I was trying to avoid it as you see so many events advertising "My Store is Open for Business" that I thought it overdone.  Still, one learns from experience I suppose.  Even managed to get a few people there for the lottery – which worked after some hiccups – for the first time in ages.

And so I’m hopeful for the future of Mochastyle.  We have some new vendors in now, including The Fairchangs, Psyra and many others whom I’d list if I could get into SL to check.

So if you’re a new vendor at Mochastyle, "Welcome", and if you’re an existing vendor who’s chosen to stay, "Thank You".  We hope to be here for a long time!