Sunday Morning Again

You can tell it’s a Sunday.  It’s cold and it’s raining.  Well, it is here, anyway.

So it’s mostly been a fun weekend.  Late home on Friday from work, then Odil Lumiere came to hang out with Freya and I for a bit.  Seems she’d never been to Pixel Dolls before!  She’s been now though, so she’s poor like the rest of us.

There are certain designers in SL, maybe 4 I could name, who’s every new release of clothing spells poverty for the rest of us.  Why are we such clothing addicts?  I mean, it’s SL, it’s virtual!  We don’t need clothes, except for modesty and visiting the Welcome Area, yet we spend thousands of L$ a week on keeping up with the latest fashions. 

On the other hand Carpe Diem!  In rl we need to pay for food, heating, transport, communications (or we wouldn’t be here) and so on.  In SL, all we need to spend money on is land and clothes, so just have fun I guess.

Anyway, we spent most of yesterday shopping for gold stuff ready for Odil’s party.  Fun, yes… but pointless in my case… I didn’t win anything, lol.

Today’s another day though.  I have my lottery tonight… assuming anyone shows up.  Nobody did for the last two, so I didn’t make the draw.  Looks like people don’t even like free money any more.  We’ll see.