Time is an illusion

So another day is past.  It happens you know!  I wake up, shower, go to work… (sometimes I even see the sunrise while sitting in traffic, but usually not as I ride a bike), I come home after dark and the day is gone.  I have food, a drink, log into SL for a while, then go to bed.

Today is no different really, except that Freya’s away.  Still, it gives me a chance to get some housework done, or would if I wasn’t here posting, lol.

So my thread on the SL forums was Lindenised.  I shouldn’t be surprised, they’ve done it before and no doubt they’ll do it again.  Seems only the serious land owners are allowed to post these days.  The rest of us, well… we aren’t so important to the Lindens.  Not generating enough income I guess.

Anyway, I have to promise myself never again to start a 10 minute job 20 minutes before it’s time to come home!  I did that today and it took almost an hour… mostly because of missing drivers and people looking…  In the end I downloaded them again… 50MB for drivers though?  It’s insane I tell you!

So I’m giving serious consideration to the future of Mochastyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  But in the days before, it was the single biggest, most successful mall in a PG sim, even more so than some island sims.  Now, it doesn’t even come close to paying its way.  Of the big name vendors who were there before, all of whom were invited back, only two or three have come.  They say yes, we will, but I never see them… I have an empty mall…  Of course the (almost) free market (at L$1 per week) is doing better.  So I dunno… I suppose I can wait a little longer, but the land tier is draining.

So anyway, what else for today… yes, I sent an apology to Brianna for bringing her into that thread yesterday.  There’s history there, and we’re not exactly friends, but that was wrong.  I considered making it a public apology, but I don’t want certain people turning it into yet another excuse for a flame war.

And that’s my day, so far at least…