A Cotswold Sunday Morning

I don’t know how many of you know, but I live near Gloucester, in England.  The town I live in is on the edge of the Cotswolds, and it’s a truly beautiful place to live, even in winter.  I look out of the window, and the sky is white… it’s trying very hard to rain, or snow… certainly, it’s cold enough!  My patios at front and back are wet with overnight rain… the lawns are certainly not up to being walked on… but you know, it’s lovely.

It’s yet another weird day though.  I’m in the mood to just have friends round for the day and laugh, tell jokes, natter, or even just to relax, paint my toenails, watch a movie…  The reality of it is that I have a weeks worth of housework to do.  I have to wash, iron, tidy up and all that before we get to the mundane tasks of cooking!  And you know what’s worst?  My coffee machine just overflowed, so that’s another thing I have to do.

So anyway, if you’re in the West Cotswolds, are into girls who like girls, and really want to pamper me today… lol but seriously, this is just another silly day, I’m bouncing and I’ve not even finished my first cup yet.  If I wasn’t hungover from last night I’d be great.

So I wonder… should I just sit here and browse the web?  Should I wander into Second Life and see what wonders the day will bring?  Should I meet with my virtual boyfriend Gordon and take up the Crowbar of Scientific Endeavour in Half Life 2, or  should I just drink my coffee and get on with my chores?

Well Freya’s not awake yet, so I guess SL is out, at least for now…