Additional Thoughts

At least Freya didn’t throw a wobbly over last night’s post, which I showed her, of course.  I’d given her a hard time over her going out in RL and leaving me alone – which isn’t like me, but I’ve been in a bit of a weird mood lately.  I guess I should try to make it up to her and soon.

Also, I need to do something about – or for – Julia.  I still haven’t got over what happened, and knowing it’s my own fault doesn’t make it any easier.  And now that she’s cancelled my card (the SL equivalent of a friends list is Calling Cards), I know she doesn’t intend to try to win me back, at least any time soon.  Even so, I should make some kind of gesture, to show I still care.

She was a year old in SL too while she was away; November 1st.  And nobody remembered!  You know how that would feel?  I mean, I knew, but nobody else.

If I could turn back time – as in the song by Cher – would I?  I really don’t know.  Trying to balance what I had with what I now have is hard.