A Cold Morning on the Outside

It was hard waking up today.  After 10am too, when I usually wake about 6am.  I hate cold, wet miserable mornings… but at least I don’t need to ride to work today.

Anyway, I got coffee (as you do) and logged in.  People are crowded round the Welcome Area in Ahern, talking about Braniacs and sucking… most odd, though there is a vampire in the crowd, so I suppose it makes some kind of perverted sense.  As a Mentor, I suppose I should close it down, and get the talk onto more wholesome lines, but it’s a Saturday morning, and I’m in a perverse frame of mind.  Maybe some sucking wouldn’t be so bad… lol

And now some guy is hitting on me, wanting an invite to my home.  I told him where it was of course, so he can visit it – it’s Stonehenge, in Mocha, if you care – … but I’m staying at the Welcome Area with Freya and the Newbies, lol.

So there, I need more coffee… More later maybe,