Some of you will know me, some not. I live, or rather I spend all my free time in a virtual world called Second Life – I recommend it…

Anyway, I thought I’d start this blog because I really need to get my thoughts put down before this whole life drives me insane. You see, I’ve had a very weird few weeks in SL…

It all started maybe a month and a half back. My partner, Julia and I had had a falling out. We’d fought before of course, but this was somehow worse. Anyway, the result was that our home was destroyed, along with a lot of other stuff. Needless to say I was devastated.

A day or so later, Julia apologised (as did I) and we tried to make a fresh start. Or at least so I thought. Julia was afraid to let it be public since it might reflect badly on me. I stupidly accepted. We got better and better and everything seemed to be good, but then, it all went screwy… we ended the evening on another argument.

The next morning, Julia was gone. Not in world, no email, no contact… Was something wrong? Had she been in an accident? So I waited… and waited… I tried to contact her, but to no avail and then one day, she was no longer in the players list… her account – gone! I tried to find out but privacy policies prevented me knowing more than she’d deactivated it.

Life goes on, I guess… or does it. I waited over three weeks for her to make contact… and then, I gave in to those around me and I tried to move on. And so, with a friend, I started to form a new relationship. Her name is Freya, and mostly she treats me very well..

This is where it gets weird. No sooner had Freya and I got together, than Julia gets back. She’s been in hospital for a month… Damn, did I feel bad! Here was my lover of over a year back, and I’m with someone else. Should I leave Freya and go back to Julia, or what…?

In the end, Julia made the decision for me. She accused me of never loving her and well, left. Not that I can blame her… I can only imagine how I’d have reacted in her place. I think that was the way I was leaning anyway, but even now, I’m not sure I was right. Freya’s great, but how can she replace Julia? I don’t even know that she wants me full time… She has a real life relationship after all, and let’s face it… for all virtual worlds are fun, real life must come first…

But where does it leave me… lost I guess… but tonight is tonight and we will see.

If you do know me in SL, come say “Hi”.. if not… well, give it a try, you get a week free… at and say “Hi” anyway.