I noticed yesterday that Mochastyle made the popular places list.  Not if you count places in the so called "Mature" sims, of course, but we were there.  It’s been months since that has happened.  That makes me feel so proud!  In the old days we were there almost all the time, and pretty high up the list too, quite often, but since the rebuild we’ve been kind of dead in the water.

Maybe an official "Grand Opening" is needed these days?  I was trying to avoid it as you see so many events advertising "My Store is Open for Business" that I thought it overdone.  Still, one learns from experience I suppose.  Even managed to get a few people there for the lottery – which worked after some hiccups – for the first time in ages.

And so I’m hopeful for the future of Mochastyle.  We have some new vendors in now, including The Fairchangs, Psyra and many others whom I’d list if I could get into SL to check.

So if you’re a new vendor at Mochastyle, "Welcome", and if you’re an existing vendor who’s chosen to stay, "Thank You".  We hope to be here for a long time!

Sunday Morning Again

You can tell it’s a Sunday.  It’s cold and it’s raining.  Well, it is here, anyway.

So it’s mostly been a fun weekend.  Late home on Friday from work, then Odil Lumiere came to hang out with Freya and I for a bit.  Seems she’d never been to Pixel Dolls before!  She’s been now though, so she’s poor like the rest of us.

There are certain designers in SL, maybe 4 I could name, who’s every new release of clothing spells poverty for the rest of us.  Why are we such clothing addicts?  I mean, it’s SL, it’s virtual!  We don’t need clothes, except for modesty and visiting the Welcome Area, yet we spend thousands of L$ a week on keeping up with the latest fashions. 

On the other hand Carpe Diem!  In rl we need to pay for food, heating, transport, communications (or we wouldn’t be here) and so on.  In SL, all we need to spend money on is land and clothes, so just have fun I guess.

Anyway, we spent most of yesterday shopping for gold stuff ready for Odil’s party.  Fun, yes… but pointless in my case… I didn’t win anything, lol.

Today’s another day though.  I have my lottery tonight… assuming anyone shows up.  Nobody did for the last two, so I didn’t make the draw.  Looks like people don’t even like free money any more.  We’ll see.

Thoughts on the SL Forum

Well, if they can be called thoughts anyway.  I think far too many people just use the forum as a vector for hurting people.  I won’t name names, let’s face it, I don’t have to.  Some of these people wouldn’t recognise civility if it walked up to them and kissed them ‘hello’.

On the other hand, there are some nice folk there too, and the people who genuinely wish to discuss the topics at hand.  They can be a pleasure to read, and probably the reason I keep going back for more.

As for the others, well… Karma’s a bitch, and I can be a very patient woman.  That and I’ve booked front row seats.

What an exciting life I lead…

So much so that I don’t even know what to write, lol.

I’m waiting for Freya to get home, and hoping she will before I have to go to bed.  I’m confident though, really, I am.

Another long day at work for me today, so it means I’ll be finishing early tomorrow, I hope, lol.  I do like early finishing on Friday… Means I can converse with a bottle while most are still at work.  Well, a woman can dream, can’t she?

Time is an illusion

So another day is past.  It happens you know!  I wake up, shower, go to work… (sometimes I even see the sunrise while sitting in traffic, but usually not as I ride a bike), I come home after dark and the day is gone.  I have food, a drink, log into SL for a while, then go to bed.

Today is no different really, except that Freya’s away.  Still, it gives me a chance to get some housework done, or would if I wasn’t here posting, lol.

So my thread on the SL forums was Lindenised.  I shouldn’t be surprised, they’ve done it before and no doubt they’ll do it again.  Seems only the serious land owners are allowed to post these days.  The rest of us, well… we aren’t so important to the Lindens.  Not generating enough income I guess.

Anyway, I have to promise myself never again to start a 10 minute job 20 minutes before it’s time to come home!  I did that today and it took almost an hour… mostly because of missing drivers and people looking…  In the end I downloaded them again… 50MB for drivers though?  It’s insane I tell you!

So I’m giving serious consideration to the future of Mochastyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  But in the days before, it was the single biggest, most successful mall in a PG sim, even more so than some island sims.  Now, it doesn’t even come close to paying its way.  Of the big name vendors who were there before, all of whom were invited back, only two or three have come.  They say yes, we will, but I never see them… I have an empty mall…  Of course the (almost) free market (at L$1 per week) is doing better.  So I dunno… I suppose I can wait a little longer, but the land tier is draining.

So anyway, what else for today… yes, I sent an apology to Brianna for bringing her into that thread yesterday.  There’s history there, and we’re not exactly friends, but that was wrong.  I considered making it a public apology, but I don’t want certain people turning it into yet another excuse for a flame war.

And that’s my day, so far at least…

Getting it all off my chest

As you’ll have read, I’ve been pretty down lately. I’ve been letting the break up with Julia get to me.  Perhaps, of course, that’s what she wanted, but I really don’t think so.  It’s not like her to do that.

In any case, I wrote her an open letter in the SL forums.  I doubt she’ll read it, but maybe someone will tell her about it.  Here it is, for those who want to read… "To Julia…"

And that’s all for now.

Another Day

Well, I made it through another day. You can tell that, mostly because I’m here. At least I hope you can, cos otherwise I’m only dreaming that I’m writing this, and that could get pretty wearing on one.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was thinking of Julia, and what she said to me. Am I really that heartless and unfeeling? I hope I’m not!

Anyway, that made me tired this morning, and I hate riding while tired! I suppose at least work wasn’t too busy… I was much more awake for the journey home, which is a good thing.

I got a PM from Adia Few today… She’s not been around for ages, but she seems healthy.  She asked about Julia, and it got me thinking again… Damn this emotional roller coaster that is my life right now.  Sometimes fun, a lot of depression between… I really need to get it under control, and soon.

Rocky Horror Meets Stonehenge

Well like wow… it actually worked!

This weekend sees the anniversary of the final live performance of the Rocky Horror Show, and I threw a party at Stonehenge to commemorate the event.  It was more successful than I expected… and we got the soundtrack as background music…

Thanks to Roberta Dalek for the music, and to everyone who showed up, dressed up and voted…

All Good Things

I wrote the other day about how Julia and I split up…

Well, it looks like it’s going to be permanent… I’m a cold, heartless bitch.  I have no feelings, and I am the worst kind of person.  I dunno… she’s determined to hurt me back, and she’s succeeding.

A Cotswold Sunday Morning

I don’t know how many of you know, but I live near Gloucester, in England.  The town I live in is on the edge of the Cotswolds, and it’s a truly beautiful place to live, even in winter.  I look out of the window, and the sky is white… it’s trying very hard to rain, or snow… certainly, it’s cold enough!  My patios at front and back are wet with overnight rain… the lawns are certainly not up to being walked on… but you know, it’s lovely.

It’s yet another weird day though.  I’m in the mood to just have friends round for the day and laugh, tell jokes, natter, or even just to relax, paint my toenails, watch a movie…  The reality of it is that I have a weeks worth of housework to do.  I have to wash, iron, tidy up and all that before we get to the mundane tasks of cooking!  And you know what’s worst?  My coffee machine just overflowed, so that’s another thing I have to do.

So anyway, if you’re in the West Cotswolds, are into girls who like girls, and really want to pamper me today… lol but seriously, this is just another silly day, I’m bouncing and I’ve not even finished my first cup yet.  If I wasn’t hungover from last night I’d be great.

So I wonder… should I just sit here and browse the web?  Should I wander into Second Life and see what wonders the day will bring?  Should I meet with my virtual boyfriend Gordon and take up the Crowbar of Scientific Endeavour in Half Life 2, or  should I just drink my coffee and get on with my chores?

Well Freya’s not awake yet, so I guess SL is out, at least for now…